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Introduction Surprisingly enough, the Jade Circle was started by a man! In March 1999, Kris Deva North, wanting to balance the Yang predominance in Taoist practice, invited Yin adepts of the Universal Healing Tao UK to introduce a softer, more gentle approach to Mantak Chia’s teachings, and called it the ‘Jade Circle,’ to symbolise the mysterious feminine. This harmony of yang and yin evolved into a Taoist practice for women to follow the Steps of the Tao in our own way. This ancient practice is now explored by modern women who reap their benefits in all levels; physical, emotional and energetic. But mainly the fact to allow the time for ourselves to connect with our Yin energy, honour it and enjoy it in the fullest for everything it can bring. We gather to explore the Divine Feminine, starting with the one within! Welcome to the Path of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.
Interests * Taoist Practice * Specific Taoist practices for women, including the Jade Egg secrets * Tao Tantra * Meditation * Kuan Yin Chi Kung * Tai Chi * Dance, specially Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance, Hula Dance and Bellydance * Mother Earth * Moon Power * Rituals & Ceremony * Divine Feminine * Feminine Empowerment * Shamanism * Crystals * All women matters * Health & Wellbeing * Travel