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Occupation We'll see
Location Cleve Hts, Ohio, United States
Introduction I lived at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights when I was a teen. I grew up a bit in Bay Village and again in CH. Then I grew down. Briefly I existed in Florida - but returned home. I've always loved taking photos - never took enough when the children were growing. Some funny videos though. One day my good 35mm camera slipped out of its poorly designed case, fell to the pavement ... OMG!... broke. Replaced it with a "temp" for snapshots. Not having a real camera was a spirit-crusher. For a while I only took work-related pics. But it taught me that you can make good stuff look bad if you need to. Hmm. Finally we bought a digital camera which we hated. And then a few more. I've got my eye on the next one. I'm learning more about light and shadow-not just using them. And I have to get over feeling that I am imposing on someone's soul in order to learn how to take people pictures rather than action captures. To borrow from Gertrude Stein, "This is what I mean to say not now but now"
Interests My children, photos which are and photos which were, my dogs and cats, neices, nephews, family, learning about Parkinson's disease, learning something that I didn't know before, remembering something I thought I had forgotten
Favorite Movies Love "Movie Night at Jan's" although we no longer have popcorn, Jan has great taste in movies and we can stop them so that I can get up and move around. They don't do that in the movie theaters.
Favorite Music Blues, Aged Jazz, Classical Chamber Music, Anton (Von) Weburn, Country when I'm driving in the rain
Favorite Books I used to read old and new books on oriental rugs; horses - epecially medical for the horse owner; science fiction like crazy. Now so much time is spent at the computer doing research and writing that I don't read books except when I'm waiting in the car for Steve to finish massage therapy or aqua therapy & exercise.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

Absurdites... Why would I slay a dragon? Demons perhaps but never dragons. Don't like marshmallows much. But if I did, slowly turning golden then brown to a slightly blistery crust. The question should be: Did Anton Weburn drop the Von for same reason that Robert Jr Lockwood became Robert Lockwood Jr?