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Location Marblehead, MA, United States
Introduction Attended Elmira College in Elmira, NY. Graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in printmaking. Severely missing round the clock access to a printing press, hoping to own my own someday. Creating when I can with what I can on the floor of my bedroom. Slinging coffee and books at separate locales in the meantime... gotta pay those collegiate bills somehow.
Interests Art, Books, Coffee... lather, rinse, repeat.
Favorite Movies Back to the Future (Trilogy), Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), The Terminal, Never Been Kissed, Blast From the Past
Favorite Music All kinds, types and genres... minus techno. Can't take the techno/house stuff. I go by song more than by artist/genre, so my collected tunes are pretty eclectic.
Favorite Books Wicked, The Red Tent, The Bell Jar, Little Bee, Through the Heart, Thirteen Reasons Why, Lamb, A Farewell to Arms