About me

Gender Female
Location Los Gatos, California
Introduction My best day is a day doing anything with my kids and husband-especially going to the beach, and riding roller coasters. I am a vegetarian, almost vegan (darn cheese!), and try to eat a gluten free diet. I used to have a cookie shop, and sold thousands of dozens of the best shortbread cookies you've ever had. I'm writing a cookbook, to be published in 2011 (if I can get it in gear it might even be out in time for the holidays 2010, but I have to find a photographer to collaborate with me first!). My family consists of a gluten free, dairy free daughter; the hubs is a carnivore and requires hunks of meat; a newly vegetarian daughter, who is almost dairy free (again, darn cheese!), and me. Cooking meals in this house is an experience! I am big fan of cooking, eating, and drinking great wine with great friends. I love music, traveling, shoes, and shopping. I devour books (to the tune of 2 or 3 a week), I love all things art (books, magazines and classes), I enjoy retreats and workshops because I believe we all can just keep getting better. Oh, and I have a wicked obsession with vegan cupcakes and "buttercream" frosting! Babycakes NYC I LOVE YOU!!