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Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction "Enter all the information about yourself that you want others to know." What do I want others to know about me? Interesting question. The answer will be less complex and likely to be discovered in the context of the blog. One's self is found in one's writing and doings in life (I suppose) as opposed to what one says about one's self. For now (9-08) simply to update the picture. -- My beautiful dogs, Tina, Chance and me.
Interests Animals, swimming, politics, music, outdoors.
Favorite Movies 1- Moulin Rouge (1952 Version), 2-Gone With the Wind, 3-Thirteen Days 4- All About Eve, - 5- Road to Perdition 6- It's A Wonderful Life, 7- Elmer Gantry, 8- The Wizard of Oz, 9--Ordinary People, 10- The Heiress
Favorite Music Bob Dylan, John Denver, Love most rock from 50's through the 90's. Also enjoy some classical and semi-classical. "The Four Seasons" by Vilvaldi a personal favorite.
Favorite Books 1-Gone With the Wind, 2- Watership Down, 3- All Creatures Great and Small (and all James Heriot books), 4- The Godfather, 5- Of Love and Lust, 6- The Stand, 7- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, 8- Black Beauty, 9-The Stand, 10 -In Cold Blood, 11-The Bell Jar 12- The Black Stallion series (loved these books as a child)

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Personal Comment: There is a little truth in everything and the whole truth in nothing.