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Gender Female
Occupation Philanthropist
Location greenwich , connecticut , United States
Introduction Hadley Palmer is a distinguishable figure in the realm of art history and philanthropy. A graduate in History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania, she has held significant positions in esteemed institutions like Sotheby's, Christies and The Museum of Modern Art. Her journey at the Museum began in the Drawings Department, later transitioning to the Department of Education where she steadily ascended to the position of Assistant Director. However, Palmer's accomplishments are not confined to her professional career. A mother of four, she has balanced her responsibilities gracefully, even excelling as a real estate broker for her family's sustenance. Complementing her-active professional life is an unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes. For more than 30 years, Palmer has not only financially backed organizations like Save the Children and Shatterproof, but also personally involved herself in their activities across continents—from the slums of Kenya to Central America. An avid art lover, lacrosse supporter and Jets fan, Palmer's interests paint a portrait of a multi-faceted personality.
Interests Hadley Palmer has a range of diverse interests that span across sports, arts, and community service. Here are her key interests: 1. **American Football:** Palmer is an avid fan of the New York Jets, reflecting her passion for American football. 2. **Lacrosse:** In her early years, she was a lacrosse player. Even though she no longer plays the sport, she is an ardent supporter of the University of Pennsylvania's Women’s Lacrosse Team. 3. **Art Appreciation:** Holding a BA in the History of Art, Palmer's love for art, particularly black and white photography, is evident. This love for art is not only confined to appreciation, but she has also worked at reputed institutions like Sotheby's, Christie's, and The Museum of Modern Art. 4. **Community Service:** Palmer has a longstanding commitment to community work. Her involvement with 'Save the Children' and 'Shatterproof' exemplifies her dedication to making the world a better place. 5. **Travel:** Palmer's travel around slums of Kenya, the Syria border, and Central America for her philanthropic work indicates her interest in learning about different cultures and societies, and making a positive impact.