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Introduction Hey Ya'll I LOVE LIFE!!! YEA!!! I am pretty much Involved in everything I'm and Honors Kid at my highschool, and I'm on Honor roll so does that make me and Honors Honors Kid. HMMMMM something to ponder, I also LOVE sports I play forawrd on a soccer team although this year in Sprained my ankle two days before tryouts so I could not try out ARGGGGHHH Oh well, I am still busy. Beside Soccer I am a national level horse back rider, I ride English style and Do Hunters Jumpers and Equiatation YEA BUDDY!!! I Love to sing and I gonna try out for American Idol this year heck yes!!! Remember this name Its gonna be famous! I love to dance too, super fun YA KNOW?? HMMMM What else....Well the biggest thing in my life is FASHION I LOVE it I know ya'll are thinking this girl is just dumb, but I really do know a ton about it... What else.. UMMMM I am a new model.. OK OK I'm still in the portfolio section of the business but I'll get there, my mom was a model so there ya go. Well my brain has run out of ideas Adois!
Interests Horse back Ride, SING, Dance, Model, Hang out with friends, Shoping, PARTY, Travel, FASHION, BOys, Life in general!
Favorite Movies Mean Girls!!!, The devil wears Prada, Pirates of the caribean 1 & 2, Beauty and the Beast, Princess Diaries
Favorite Music ANYTHING!!!!