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Introduction Welcome to my blog. I’m a recent mother of a handsome little boy, who weighs 5 lbs 3 oz. He was born 34 weeks, 6 days into my pregnancy, which is much earlier than I expected him to come into this world. I wasn’t able to take any of the child caring classes because he came so early. So everything afterwards came as training on the job without any previous preparation or know how. Even though he came out early, he is healthy and I’m always grateful for that. One thing he does a lot is crying and he can sure cry up a storm most of the time. I love my son and I’m glad that I can see him early than expected. I recently brought him home from the hospital in a swaddle blanket and I’ve kept swaddling him ever since because of his tendency to cry all the time. The nurses told me to benefits of swaddling reminds my son of his time in the womb, which soothes him through the harsh reality of the world he came into. I’m starting this blog to chronicle my research into swaddling and my search for the perfect swaddle blanket for my son. I hope you will enjoy the search process with me.