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Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Introduction I am a writer and social activist, living in Canada. I have been the target, of the Canadian government, for many years now and have also been subjected, to the violation of my basic human rights, like many others living in that country, by the Canadian government. Whose actions on that issue, has also largely been ignored, by both human rights groups, in this country, as well as by other international organizations, that are also set up to deal with these kinds of human rights violations, such as the United Nations and others. I have decided to exposed, the Canadian government's hypocrisy, on that issue. I believe it is information, that the world need to know about. I hoped to bring awareness, to the problems, that are faced, by victims of human rights abuse in Canada, that are also perpetrated, by the Canadian government, against both individuals and groups alike.
Interests I like to write, listen to music and search out the internet, for interesting things, to learn about and to connect.
Favorite Movies Old movies. One of my favourite movies, is "The Great Escape". I also like horror movies.
Favorite Music I like all kinds of music.
Favorite Books My own books, as well as others. Old ones, new ones and ones to be written, in the future.

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

Why is honeydew the money melon?. Anything with the word honey in it, is bound to generate something. How often do we use that word to get what we want?. Here is my question. What is your reason for existance? are you here just to make up numbers or to make a difference?