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Location Idaho
Introduction Tiffany Midge is a current resident of the state of Idaho and a sometimes resident of Seattle, Washington, with summertimes spent near the Wyoming border in majestic Teton Valley. Living in Idaho means she's heavily armed and owns a vicious dog who don't cotton to strangers. For some time now, Tiffany has entertained notions of creating a place to house book reviews and other writerly things concerned with Native American writing, NDN lit, Indigenous scribes or First Nations’ typewriter warriors, or whatever it’s being called these days. She has high hopes of posting interviews with preeminent NDN authors, and even some not-so-eminent on this here site too, that is if anyone would ever return her calls. For many moons now Native people have been rudely portrayed as mono-syllabic imbeciles who are either intent upon scalps and liquor or viewed as flying Indians and unicorns by the motion picture industry and mainstream pop culture. UGH: Uncivilized Grunting Heathen is Tiffany’s retort to decades of maligned treatment of the Noble Red Man.
Interests A Hunkpapa Sioux enrolled with the Standing Rock Reservation, Tiffany's authored the award winning Outlaws, Renegades and Saints: Diary of Mixed-up Halfbreed; the chapbook, Guiding the Stars to Their Campfire, Driving the Salmon to Their Beds and a Scholastic picture book Animal Legend and Lore: Buffalo. She has an MFA from the University of Idaho and twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize . . . um . . . I mean, a Pushcart Prize. She keeps a sporadic blog called A Girl Named Turquoise, which is mostly just kind of embarrassing, but it amuses her so she soldiers on, or as one of her friends commented the other day, “Keep a blog? I’m not that self-absorbed.” So yes, she rants, I mean, blogs rather than pursuing any actual publishing in the real world, you know . . . like . . . HELLO, a book contract? Something useful, that might pay a bill once in awhile. Merci Beaucoup ~ Tiffany (Yes, I actually wrote this copy, are you surprised?)