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Location Canada
Introduction hello! Welcome to my blog. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores, sewing and knitting. When I'm not parenting or sweeping up dog hair, I like to surf style and fashion blogs. Sometimes combining fashion with our severe winter weather is a challenge!!
Interests parenting, thrifting, napping, DIY
Favorite Movies TV or movies. Anything by Joss Wedon, Terry Gilliam, or James Bond (Craig is my favorite!). I also love the Resident Evil movies and I dress up like Alice whenever possible. My secret, guilty pleasure is watching Hoarders, How Clean is your House?, and Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp. I also enjoy watching Buffy the Vampire slayer, Sex in the City, Storage Wars and DIY television. The last few movies I saw in the theatres were Skyfall, and Die Another Day Die Harder.
Favorite Music Techno, 80's, classical and modern country (which seems to be rock music). Also enjoy Apocalyptica, Korn and Godsmack. I almost became a classical pianist, but then I found out how little money they made.
Favorite Books Love almost anything by Robert Harris, Clive Barker, Harlen Coben and Janet Evanovich. I grew up on C.S. Lewis, Joan Aiken, Agatha Christie, and the dude who wrote "All Creatures Great and Small".