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Gender Female
Occupation Nanny
Location NJ, United States
Introduction You can’t escape food when you grow up in an Italian family. Our genes are born to eat and eat a lot. Mangia Mangia is heard quite often, and no thank you, or gross are not permitted. When I was younger, there were plenty of holidays where questionable food was plopped on my plate. “It’s chicken, mangia.” I would squirm, make a face at my mom and be forced to try the “chicken.” Typically my grandfather would say afterwards, “wasn’t that venison, rabbit or tripe delicious.” NOOO! As a career nanny I can’t imagine any of the children I have watched going for that trickery. Today kids won’t even try the simplest of things let alone foie gras. Hence the birth of spoonfedbycmarie. A place to introduce new foods to kids without making them gag. My approach is reinventing recipes from my childhood (no venison, rabbit or any other questionable ingredients incorporated…scouts honor) and blending them with kid classics of today. Christina Marie, has been a career nanny for the last three years and previously published articles in the Arizona Daily Star and the University of Arizona’s student run website She can be contacted @
Interests Family, Cooking/Baking, Writing, Reading, Kids, Music, Friends, Yoga, Laughter, Thrift Shops, Health
Favorite Movies The Notebook, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Little Mermaid, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Bird Cage....
Favorite Music I love everything from Pop, Classic Rock, 90's Rap, House to Oldies.
Favorite Books There are so many but one that I have loved forever is: The Great Gatsby

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