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Gender Male
Occupation Writer
Location CA, United States
Introduction I was born in Paris to a military family. I tried the military for a year in college, and ended up training to be an EMT instead. I thought I wanted to be a philosophy major, or an artist. I started my own business to pay for school. I avoided a girl for months, and married her several years later. She was persistent, and she is still the best thing in my life. I browse the 10 cent books at my public library, and buy something almost every time. I am the most obnoxious movie snob. I often daydream that I live one thousand miles from any other human being. I wake up every morning to the grunts, squeals, or screams of my daughter, who is also the best thing in my life.
Interests Backpacking, Writing, Reading, Philosophy, Simplicity, Small Houses
Favorite Movies Lawrence of Arabia, Alien, Home Alone, Rivers and Tides, Dancer in the Dark, Baraka, Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Wall-E
Favorite Music Beirut, Ratatat, Philip Glass, Sigur Ros, Yanni, The Smiths, Tom Waits
Favorite Books Structure of Scientific Revolutions, On Liberty, The Corrections, Catch-22, All the Pretty Horses, Maniac Magee, Watership Down