About me

Location Small Tropical Island, in the Middle of the Atlantic
Introduction I´m a writer of the comic variety of the stuff variously called fantasy (contemporary, but not urban), magic realism, paranormal, alternate history, speculative fiction or plain old litfic, depending on who you ask. I´ve given up asking (but confess to a predilection for the fantasy label). My cats are Percy and George, named after my favourite Beatle and my favourite Blue Note. I live on a rock off Africa, where culture consists of clean air, clean seas, fresh food, no TV and no corporate shenanigans. In my case it also consists of writing contentiously-categorized fiction and renovating the island, one dilapidated stone pile at a time, and then flogging same off to citizens of nations that eschewed a low-tax, low-welfare system in favour of a strong public sector and regulated finance sector, and who are the only ones around with money left in this global recession, namely Scandinavians. Previously I lived in Portugal, Germany and Ireland, roughly ten years in each place. I thought I´d stay in Ireland for good, but fled when the Celtic Tiger reared its ugly head (no offense to other tigers, who are most attractive from afar, but then so was the Celtic one I guess).
Interests writing, reading, the sea, swimming, sailing, snorkelling, being a Neil Young fan, travelling, cats
Favorite Movies Once Upon A Time In The West, Wings Of Desire, Bladerunner
Favorite Books Alice In Wonderland, The Little Prince, The Old Man And The Sea, The Glass Bead Game, The Bridge Of San Luis Rey, anything by Bill Bryson, anything by Terry Pratchett, anything by P.G. Wodehouse, Lord Of The Rings, McCarthy´s Bar, The Road To McCarthy, Cosmic Banditos, Shakey, Chronicles Vol. I, any popular science esp. physics and neuroscience for the lay person