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Gender Male
Industry Accounting
Occupation Oil & Gas Accountant
Location Texas, United States
Introduction i love to run, work out, stay fit. if i'm not active then i feel completely drained of energy and lethargic! my mantra when running is "you can breathe when you're done." you can usually find me in the gym or on the running trails 4-5 days a week. that's my 'zone-out' part of my day that i enjoy the most! i love music...specifically indie rock and singer/songwriting and a few of the more well-known jam bands like Dave Matthews and O.A.R. i generally don't discriminate against any kind of music. i read way too many blogs--why am i so interested in other people's thoughts and words? tech blogs are my favorite (yikes...did you hear that fluttering noise? it was the sound of my potential love life dissipating in the wind) sadly, i watch way too many tv shows. it's actually very sad how much tv i watch. so sad in fact, that i just wept a tear. i don't like regrets. i don't want to be on the backside of life regretting not doing something when i was younger and more able. i go all out, or i don't do it at all.
Interests running, working out, staying fit, indie music, traveling, major cities, sharing, eating, laughing, turkey, sleeping, cooking, experiencing

i'm not a fan of doing stuff half-assed. or gratuitous cussing. or trans-fat. or HFCS. or walkers who feel like they need to be at the front of the pack when the race starts. i'm not perfect, but i'm fixing stuff i want to fix and accepting the rest as what makes me...well, me.