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Industry Arts
Occupation writer, producer, director, consultant, composer
Location caLLiefornia, United States
Introduction SL is a world of adventure, creativity and amazing opportunity. most of my time is spent running my various businesses. Currently KittyCatS! i enjoy being part of this diverse community as a content creator, model, writer, speaker & consultant. i've had so many diverse experiences in SL, more than i could ever dream of.
Interests learning, exploring, music, nature, spending time with cool people, adventures, reading, cooking, being cooked for, travel, creating, relaxing, art, writing music, good conversations, exploring, working with talented people and pulling out things they never thought was there, language, collecting all kinds of stuff, beads, human behavior, making cards and collaging, quantum physics, and more....
Favorite Movies oh so many to list... but... "amelie", "moulin rouge", "pollyanna", "the talented mr. ripley", "the royal tennenbaums", "dead poet's society", "devil's advocate", "a fairy tale", "enchanted april", "life is beautiful", "cLueLess", edward scissorhands", "room with a view", "braveheart", "rome adventure", "the bad seed", "ground hog day", "pollyanna", 'school of rock", "what about bob", "waking ned devine", "breakfast at tiffany's", "gidget", "how to mary a millionaire", "raging bull", "to kill a mockingbird", and so so so many more.... like SO many more it's not even funny, oh yeah, i love... "night of the hunter" (spookie), and the orignal "parent trap", oh ya i love "amedeus" and i love "the brady bunch" tv show even tho it's not a movie and also lots of old shows like "patty duke", and those old fun ones, "green acres" and stuff like that...
Favorite Music the BEATLES... first and foremost, THEN... pretty much everything but hip hop and BAD songs... i LOVE music and it's always been a HUGE part of my life, A good song can floor me make me laugh, cry, scream, dance, and take me places like nothing else, well pretty much like nothing else.
Favorite Books oh too many to list... but... dictionary and bible would be on the top... followed by... an unending list.. including, "mans search for meaning" by viktor frankl... and "the screwtape letters" by c.s. lewis and, "icy sparks"... just way too many to list.truly i love to read. but go in spurts from reading 3 or more books at once to not reading any for a while to being a normal one book at a time person. depends on my mood and the season, etc.

Come up with some possible band names for your group that features a washboard and a styrofoam tuba.

blowin' suds • the Tubtones • clean machine • bubblefloat we rock too ya know!