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Occupation Writer/Educator
Location Long Beach, CA, United States
Introduction Roots and Wings—an online personal and professional growth program for Latinas to help them find their voice, their strength, their identity, and their purpose in life. A program to help you achieve your dreams, celebrate what is right with the your life, and develop as a self-actualized person.
Interests I love to hike, bike, walk, and read, and write...I live living the writerly journey...going on artists dates, journaling, and inspiring others to do the same.
Favorite Movies My favorite movies are based on true stories and inspire us to achieve our dreams, believe in ourselves, and be the best we can be. Miracle on Ice... We are Marshall Tuskegee Airmen Come to mind
Favorite Music In dis Life by Iz is one of the best CD's for inspiring writing that I have had the pleasure of reading. His lyrics are inspiring, his songs are easy and mellow to listen to, and his voice is soothing to the soul. Iz is a larger than life person, who has a big heart, a wonderful soul, and gift for just saying and singing the right thing at the right time. I have 3 of his CD's, all purchased in Hawaii…where I would love to go to live the writerly life. The 3 CD's I love: One of my fav songs: Yes, Somewhere Over the Rainbow…life does go on...
Favorite Books My favorite books for writing and being inspired by a writer are written by Sark, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg. These gals have inspired me to write, live the writerly journey, and create a life fully lived.