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Occupation Licensed Practical Nurse
Location Arkansas, United States
Introduction Hello, My name is Sharlinda Faith B. and I'm 25 years old. I have been a wife to my husband Nick for three and half years, and I am also a proud mother of our 3 year old son Lil Nick Jr. I'm the oldest of four children born to my black father and white mother. I'm also their only girl! Growing up our parents always told us we were mixed race and to be proud of both our heritages. Over the years my brothers and I have faced racism from both ends of the spectrum, but that never changed how we viewed ourselves. Time and Time again I've had to answer questions about my racial background, or have people angrily challenge me on how I define myself! These experiences along with the desire to know about others like me, lead me to read anything I could on the web about being biracial. I remember it as being one of the most amazing revelations in my life to find others who embraced both heritages just like I did! These last few years I have wanted to voice my opinions to the others. If enough people like me don't speak up then the world will never change.
Interests Reading, writing, history, English, figure skating. I used to be a pretty good figure skater! I haven't had much time for it lately and I miss it so much!
Favorite Movies The Mummy, Signs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Unbreakable
Favorite Music Rock
Favorite Books Ann of Green Gables Series, Wuthering Heights, The Courtship of Nellie Fisher triology by Beverely Lewis. Scott O'dell and Ann Rinaldi are a couple of my favorite historical fiction authors.