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Introduction Hello world!

I'm ItchyRich, your friendly admin and also the great great great grand nephew of Richie Rich. :)
My mission is to acquire passive sources of income that generate positive cash flows and be able to get out of the most dangerous traps of life, the "Rat Race".
Am just starting out this blog where I could share my ideas about money that I hope could be helpful for those who would read my posts.
The name of this blog is ImpokRito.
I got it from the words Impok meaning "to save" and Rito meaning "here". I derived it so it can rhyme with the word Hipokrito or Hypocrite, because it's a myth that rich people are hypocrites (as if am one of them (: ).
But it doesn't stop in earning Income and Saving alone.
We still need to Invest and Simplify.
I'll also share some posts from blogs that I follow (without removing the due credit).
Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions about the contents of this blog so that it can be improved.
Thanks for droppin' by and I hope you visit here regularly.

"If it's itchy, don't scratch it.
It means money." ;)
- ItchyRich
Favorite Books Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker