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Industry Science
Occupation Physicist/Artist
Location United States
Introduction I have always been fascinated with sea life. Tidal pools piqued my curiosity at an early age. My hobbies are for the most part associated with water and include swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and diving. It should be no surprise that many of my images are of fish and sea shells, often fantasy sea critters straight out of my imagination. I studied classic intaglio printmaking, biology and physics in college, then went on to work in the area of physics dealing with radiation safety. Although I had taken printmaking courses at various times over the years, I didn’t really return to art and printmaking until I took a workshop with Linda Neely and was hooked! I am drawn to texture and love graphic images. Being a scientist, I tend to experiment a lot in my work which results in my using multiple methodologies, sometimes combining them. Printmaking methodologies I use include monotype/monoprint, relief, collograph, chine colle’, intaglio, clay relief etching, lithography and gelatin printmaking. Thank you for enjoying my work! Barbara PS: Oh yeah, I am married to a great guy from Australia and have 2 Cairn terriers (da Boyz).
Interests Life, Ethics, Science, Radiation, Visual Arts, Printmaking, Ocean, Sailing, Family, Friends

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

Hairdressers seem to have 3 styles max. I had hoped to have a fab cut but alas I now live with one of the 3. Thank goodness it is not a shag.