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Occupation Nurse Practitioner, Retired
Introduction My husband and I are both retired. My husband retired over 10 years ago and I have been retired for 4 years. When I made the decision to retire, I was in a career that I thought I would continue into my mid to late 70's. But I started to notice some changes. Jim (smartest person I knew!) was showing subtle signs of cognitive decline. Signs that probably only I noticed. I made the decision to retire, to make sure that we could enjoy retirement together now. One of Jim's favorite sayings over the years, "one of life's little surprises", was used to describe both the good and the bad that came our way. A descriptive phrase that captured our sentiment when something occurred in life that was beyond our immediate control. Hence, the name of this blog. Some details of what I write will be altered to protect Jim's privacy. He is not aware of the level of his cognitive decline. He sees the deficits as "part of the normal aging process". I find writing to be very therapeutic for me. I hope that others with similar experiences will find support, and will realize they are not alone on this journey.
Interests Reading, travel, physical activity including strength training, bicycling, Zumba.
Favorite Music Classical
Favorite Books Historical non-fiction