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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation Computer Lab Consultant
Location United States
Introduction I'm a student at the local University, currently working towards a degree in Exercise Science, which will eventually lead to a degree in Physical Therapy. I live with my boyfriend (The Boy). My parents are both immigrants from Germany, and I am bilingual. I'm the youngest of seven kids. I secretly dream of growing up to be a crazy cat lady(is there a degree for that? Hmm)
Interests Snowboarding, cycling, watching movies, partying with the besties, and study study studying for my classes. :)
Favorite Movies The Lost Boys, Across the Universe. I could watch either of these movies over and over and over and still be happy. :) My favorite TV shows are "The X-files" "Weeds" "LOST" "Dirt" "How I Met your Mother" "30 Rock" "Firefly" "Roswell" "Xena" "Pushing Daisies" "Wonderfalls" "Dead Like Me" "Legend of the Seeker" "Roar" "Dexter" and oh so many more!
Favorite Music I'm pretty down with everything, our 500GB external hard drive has about 120GB of music on it, so we've got a lot of stuff that we listen to.
Favorite Books I adore books. :) Some of my fav authors; Jasper Fforde, Dean Koontz(My all time favorite author), Janet Evanovich. I enjoyed the Twilight Series, loved the Sookie Stackhouse books, have read all the Harry Potters, and gave up on LOTR.

Chicken monkey shoes?

All the time.