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Industry Arts
Location Nazareth, Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction Hi, I'm Nancy Wisser. My most popular blog is Clonehenge and if you know of a Stonehenge replica I haven't listed or if you make one yourself, send it on over! A working copy of my book about a poor sap who gets sucked into weird happenings connected with the end of the world in 2012, set in Nazareth, PA, can be seen here. My Tumblr, called Geopsych, of photos and quotations about human relationships with places, landscape and earth can be seen here. My most recently published article, Coming up from the Land: Receiving the Speech of the Spirits, can be read here.
Interests Stonehenge replicas, identifying wild plants, birding, learning all I can about the landscape where I live, writing, penetrating the veil of apparency, sunny days outside, stupid and ironic humor, and, apparently, aging.
Favorite Movies Local Hero, Love Actually, The Holiday, Mind the Gap, Groundhog Day--I like off-beat feel-good comedies. Life supplies all the horror, tragedy and suspense I need!
Favorite Music Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, Brother, Mike Doughty, Incredible String Band, Oregon, Irish and Scottish music, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Debussy, some Western fusion Hindu chanting, too.
Favorite Books Good Omens and all Pratchett, Hitchhiker's Guide and other Douglas Adams, Thoreau, John McPhee, Tolkien, Castaneda, Stephen Buhner, field guides to birds and plants, children's talking animal books, poetry by Hafiz and selected other poetry. My favourite magazine is Fortean Times.