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Introduction * I'm 28 and married to a wonderfully pokey man by the name of Justin * We are parents to a beautiful little girl Mia Lou who was born on October 7th, 2009. * I was not one of those glowing women who loved being pregnant..didn't like it so much! * I didn't realize that I could be so in love with someone so quickly as I was when I saw my daughter. * I'm obsessed with my neice Ella and nephew Carter. * My sisters are two of my favorite people. * I have the best relationship with my mom. * I love to read books and gossip magazines. * I watch entirely too much television. * I can get really bad road rage. * I have a horribly bad and very non lady like potty mouth. * I love my sweatpants. * If I need a good laugh I look to both my sisters and my neice. * I absolutely love chinese food and seafood. * Me, my two sisters and my niece all have the same tattoo on our backs...."tramp stamps". * I have no pain tolerance yet during child birth I made no noises nor did swear at my husband which is highly unlike me....drugs really help! I'm a fan of pain medication. * I have a beautiful life with a wonderful family and fabulous friends.