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Introduction "Pot liquor" is a soul food term. I haven't a clue of its origin. However, It refers to the savory mixture of water and natural juices that cook out of the vegetables and fat back, or hamhocks (pick your poison) used for seasoning.

Now, in my family, we usually drink the liquid or "sop it up with a biscuit" during meal time. It was never wasted or thrown away, as it is the most coveted part of a meal. It fuses together all of the essential vitamins and minerals from the pot's contents after they've been stewing for long periods of time.

Now, you can't get pot liquor from veggies like broccoli, or carrots. Naw, for this stuff you gotta get gully; you gotta get some butterbeans or some greens. If you've never heard of either of those terms before, then you have probably just identified yourself as having some organic connection.

Anyway, as its name suggests, pot liquor can knock you straight into a drunken stupor of pan-drippings heaven.

Essentially, this blog is the gravy resulting from the stew of life. It is the best that I have to offer. Bon appetit!