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Introduction I'm a cartoonist among other things. Growing up in New York(the Bronx and Brooklyn) I went on a high school day trip to the New York Daily News where I met the late great editorial cartoonist Frank Evers. He took a liking to me and saw I wanted to learn. Every Saturday after that I would go to the News building and learn from him. He taught me what he called "the art of the gag". Humor is really found in everyday life and it's a matter of representing it in an either clever, sarcastic, ironic, blatantly obvious, or simply light fashion to amuse the reader or to make a point that can be found to be amusing in its presentation. I draw pretty fast straight into the computer so I work a lot in film doing storyboards and animatics. A few years ago I spent some time in Barcelona and really became interested in street art by the likes of Miss Van, London Police and Banksy among many others. So as I travel a lot I put up street art. In the case of Spatz people seem to like that little bird and sometimes take the art down( i usually make big stickers that can be peeled off), fold it up and take it with them. very interesting.