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Industry Student
Occupation Invisible Turtle
Location Earth, Milky Way
Introduction My goals: 1: Free the lobsters. 2: Get a superpower. Preferably control of fire. 3: Become a bestselling author. 4: Get through the school year. 5: Live forever.
Interests Turtles, invisibility, randomness, writing, underground cities, super heroes, dragons, fairies, Tinkerbell, Kiki Strike, Maximum Ride, weird things, cat girls, muffins, karate, cheesy fake wings, platypus, superpowers
Favorite Movies Kiki's Delivery Service, Kung Fu Panda, Aristocats, Fox and the Hound
Favorite Music Skye Sweetnam, Kate Voegele, Teen Titans Theme, Emilie Autumn, Katy Rose, Lili Hadyn
Favorite Books Kiki Strike, Maximum Ride, Gallagher Girls, Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Uh... because pennies are the favorite food of aliens, and aliens abduct cows, and cows are on farms with pigs, and pigs are in cahoots with the tooth fairy's evil twin sister.