About me

Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Writer of homages for the introspective
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Introduction I write plenty of unpublished scripts, a wealth of unpublished introductions and endings for a myriad of unpublished books, unpublished poetry, unpublished magazine and newspaper articles, and of course, unpublished blog entries too (there are dozens upon dozens of entries I endeavour to write that never get posted). Mind-dribbling ho-hums are also frequently written about, but as they are nothing but mind-dribbled ho-hums, they’re generally kept locked away in another drive of my computer in an invisible folder where they can remain hidden away from the critical masses who dislike mind-dribble, and ho-hums.
Interests People, reading, writing, laughing, loving. And the occasional romp under the stars (in the traditional sense) after chugging a jug of Sangria on a sweltering summer evening. And kisses. Love kisses.
Favorite Books Masters of yore who have taught me how to and how not to write.