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Industry Arts
Occupation computer graphic artist
Location New York, New York
Introduction A curiously creative person... All writings and works of art are © 2009 Su Polo all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated
Interests writing, music, painting, drawing, photography, computer graphics, plants, trees, ferns and mosses, 3d construction, stage design, color, form, health & nutrition
Favorite Movies most movies, major & independent films, foreign, outer space, westerns, animation, information, and early black & white films Rodan, The Crawling Eye (does anybody have a copy of this?), Moby Dick, Contact, Red Planet, early Jackie Chan, The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams animated, Princess Mononoke, The Princess Bride, 2001, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Wall-e! And yes... Star Trek(s)
Favorite Music Segovia, Guitar and most music, all forms, especially original singer songwriter, usually prefer it live or before it gets mastered. Also Jazz vocals and insturmentals... Ahh... the joy of music!
Favorite Books Spiritual, esoteric health, botanical, instructional, Poet Robinson Jeffers, Sci Fi, fantasy E.E.Doc Smith, Orson Scott Card-A Planet Called Treason, Ursula K. LeGuin- Earthsea trilogy, Annie McCaffrey- Pern, Doona, the Ship Who Sang & follow up in Get off the Unicorn & the Crystal Singer... Sherri S.Tepper-Jinian Footseer, The Gate to Womens County, Beauty, Neil Stephenson - Snow Crash & Su Polo's Turning Stones - A Collection of Poems & Stories.

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

Very large transparent and colorful sculptures of trees, ferns and mosses. Also Some kind of musical instruments out of safe handling plastics but mixed with nature wood, also figure out something useful to donate to needy persons- perhaps tents for the homeless.