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Occupation Waste management among other things...
Location Texas, United States
Introduction A redheaded shirley temple 6 years old (going on 35) with the ability to render a grown man useless(and whimpering in the corner), a four year old autistic genus with the ability to impress his subjects as well as torment them, and a very new monster we will call baby buddy with the ability to make you smile in 3.2 seconds, no matter your mood. We've decided to change his name to Prozac...oh and Sparkles the snail, and a red dragonhead beta named Yellow fish. I'm a mom. I love each one of my children for the unique individuals they are. It's when you add them together that life gets interesting. It feels like my family lives on a different planet than everyone else where we have to follow rules that don't always make sense and usually involve messes that make me appreciate the "sanitary" setting on my washer...
Interests I'm a scify nerd. I'm a book nerd. I'm a craft nerd. In the past 7 years I've come to enjoy silence.
Favorite Movies Since the TV is usually taken over by small humans who want to watch and re-watch the same thing over and over, I'm thrilled that my genes have dominated and it seems like we switch between all three Back to the Future movies(back to back) and Star Trek in any of it's manifestations. Other than that Pingu and Shaun the Sheep dominate.
Favorite Music I used to like music...then it invoked brain melting screaming in my son. Now I enjoy the occasional silence
Favorite Books I LOVE books!

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

In India.