About me

Gender Female
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation stay at home mama
Location Denver, CO, United States
Introduction I am many things: outdoor enthusiast, new mama to Annabelle, wife to Troy the Actuary. I think daily about Attachment Parenting, Triathlon, Snowshoeing, Climbing, Sewing, Breastfeeding, Hiking, Cloth Diapering, Teaching, Co-Sleeping, Skiing, Cooking, Eating in Season, Supporting Local Farmers, Living Modestly, and Laughing Often.
Interests getting outdoors, triathlon, snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, backpacking, climbing, sewing, cooking, attachment parenting
Favorite Movies The Wizard of Oz, Knotting Hill, A League of Their Own
Favorite Music U2, Sarah Mclaughlin, Brooks and Dunn, anything with a strong beat for running, anything I can sing to at the top of my lungs

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

No, it's becuz they aren't speld like they sound. For all of us fanetic spelers out there spunges and tungs looks rite.