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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Aesthetician
Location Clontarf, QLD, Australia
Introduction Hi my real name is Peter which stands for ROCK in one sense and in another SEEK. Out a living from the GROUND or PERISH which is ones CAPITAL SOCIAL NET WORTH. Derivations of words, their meanings is essentially a social responsibility in EEK. The quest of any or all who claim to be a SEEKER means they alone sally FORTH. Why the name ART REFORM TOURISTS well is it not friendlier than TERRORISTS? We are all new bees here and many are of the belief that they own control of HIVE. I am certain that there is an ultimate objective for all ART REFORM TOURISTS. Instead of destroying the EARTH how about we set a Goal to live as we ARRIVE. A word is a object of sound used to identify a place and in every place is movement. Educe I am led to believe is the Latin root verb for the noun known as EDUCATION. I believe in an overarching principle of design in the universe: so stop for one moment.Consider this for eternity is either side of ALL in form as HISTORY of EDUCTION. Jargon, weasel and peacock words have led some into a state of evil confrontations. This BLOG will make every attempt possible to clear up the nightmare via confessions.
Interests Family, Theology, Epistimology, Ontology, Teleology, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Photography, Art, Poetry, Prose, Grammar, Science, Matter, Spirituality, Miscellaneous subjects to numerous to mention, Universals, Particulars
Favorite Movies Three Colors Trilogy, Bladerunner, Metropolis
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Nick Drake, Beeethoven, neutron 9000, Global Communication, Peatantics
Favorite Books Bible for it is the REALITY we live with historically speaking., Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, The Internet and you the BILL POSTER.

Most favorite dog ever in HOBART?