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Gender Female
Location Lebanon
Introduction I'm sfoofie. Recently migrated to Lebanon. Upgraded to Ruler of Household. Super mommy to two - soon to be three - little ladies. They are screaming adorable dictators. Learning Arabic. Learning a new life. Sfoof is a bright yellow happy cake. (ask me for the recipe!) I like cake and I like the word sfoof cuz it's fun to say.
Interests guitars, azaleas, fencing, foot soaks, foreign movies, fresh pineapple, homemade bread, international politics, languages, long baths, mango scented things, pillows, tennis, rage, my sexy man, reading, road trips, sensual massages, sky blue bottles, uncompromising violent movies, dancing, vast, witty comments, morning smiles, lebanon, pomegranates, scrabble, shiny things, designs, stars, springtime, bedtime, dancing, ambition, traveling, spontaneity.