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Gender MALE
Industry Real Estate
Location United States
Introduction Moose is my thoroughbred horse and I'm fortunate enough to ride him almost every day. Some weeks I ride Moose longer than I am in my car and it may be preferable for my psyche, but not for my income.
Interests A horse-dealing proverb. One white foot—buy him. Two white feet—try him. Three white feet—look well about him. Four white feet—go without him. [1882 Notes & Queries 6th Ser. V. 427] One white foot, buy him. Two white feet, try him. Three white feet, deny him. Four white feet and a slip in his nose, take him out and feed him to the crows. [1957 H. P. Beck Folklore of Maine iv.]
Favorite Movies Mine Own Executioner (1947), The Searchers (1956), The 3 Godfathers (1948), The Third Man (1949), Four Men and a Prayer (1938), Five Graves to Cairo (1943), Double Indemnity (1944), Sunset Boulevard (1950), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946), The Philadelphia Story (1941), Shanghai Express (1932), Miller's Crossing (1990), Fargo (1996), The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935), Black Narcissus (1947), Four Feathers (1939), Beau Geste (1939), The Light That Failed (1939), Dreamchild (1985), Sullivan's Travels (1941), The Palm Beach Story (1942), True Confessions (1981), Barcelona (1994), Rembrandt (1936), I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Dead of Night (1945), Murder My Sweet (1944), The Brasher Doubloon (1947), Notorious (1946), Rififi (1955), The Razor's Edge (1946), Captain from Castile (1947), The Black Rose (1950), For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), Sleepers (1996), Most films from Ealing Studios, UK (especially the post war era), Wages of Fear (1952) and Sorcerer (1977), All Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Films (RKO gave us a peek at heaven), Five Fingers (1952), Barcelona (1994), Body Heat (1981), Man On The Flying Trapeze (1935), Office Space (1999), Moulin Rouge (1952) A Canterbury Tale (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, 1944)
Favorite Music Beethoven-Always, George Gershwin, Al Dubin- Harry Warren, Brahms, Rogers and Hart, Jerome Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Favorite Books R.A. Scotti's " Vanished Smile: The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa, " David Mamet's "The Secret Knowledge, " George Orwell's '1984, ' Cormac McCarthy's The Border Trilogy: 'All the Pretty Horses, ' 'The Crossing, ' 'Cities of the Plain, ' and 'No Country for Old Men, ' Christopher Hitchen's 'God Is Not Great, ' 'Missionary Position, ' Amity Shlaes' 'The Forgotten Man, Mark Steyn's 'America Alone' and 'After America, ' Jonah Goldberg's 'Liberal Fascism, ' John Derbyshire's 'We Are Doomed, ' Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged, ' Clarence King's 'Mountaineering in the High Sierras, ' Mark Twain's 'Puddin'Head Wilson, ' Whittaker Chambers' 'Witness, ' Jan Morris' 'Pax Britannica' Triology including 'Pax Britannica: Climax of an Empire, ' 'Heaven's Command: An Imperial Progress' and 'Farewell The Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat'; Jack Schaefer's "Monte Walsh", Books and Articles by Florence King

Oscillate my metallic sonatas with your plan for the Panama canal:

Why can't you just leave us all alone?!