Phil X. Milstein as The Silent DJ

About me

Gender Male
Occupation Villainy
Location Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Introduction Listen bro, I've been at this game since 1896, and with all due modesty have gotten pretty good at it. So if you wish to avoid my eeveel clutches and rescue the damned damsel I suggest you start pumpin' some cannonballs, bone up on your hero moves and prepare to bring on your absolute best. "Donc jamais sur les boutons!"
Interests Experimenting with homemade explosives, perfecting cackle & sneer, tieing helpless damsels to RR tracks
Favorite Movies The Perils Of Pauline
Favorite Music Tack piano stuff mostly
Favorite Books Knot Secrets Of The RCMP, Dodd's Illustrated History Of Mustache Wax, Getting To Yes