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Occupation Freelance Writer, Blogger, Certified Nutritionist Specialist, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant
Location Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Introduction Hello! I'm Kathy Rae. I have a passion for living fully and authentically in spite of chronic illnesses. I believe that authentic living leads to freedom and that true living is healthy and natural living encompassing our mind, body & spirit. I like to share what I'm learning in my own life and I pray it helps you in your journey to live your life as the real you. Authentic Mind - I believe the world and those in it can fill our heads with many lies. Even people who love us tell us lies based off of their experiences and perceptions. I've been on a journey to replace the lies with Truth. Authentic Body - I believe God created the human body with the ability to heal itself. However, it is our responsibility to give our bodies the natural things He also created (plants and seeds) to assist our bodies in the healing process. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we must treat them like the sacred vessels they are. Authentic Spirit - "The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God." 1 Corinthians 2:10. Through the Spirit, we can know the deep things of God, but it requires daily surrender to Him. Only then can we live the authentic lives He created us to live.
Interests Studying the Bible, Photography, Graphic Design, Reading, Natural Health, Africa, Creativity, Encouraging Others