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Introduction I shall tell you why I am a gypsy at heart... I'm always roaming in my head. I can't finish one thought for moving on to another. Also, I'm often roaming within the confines of my home. I can't stay put for long. That's why I'm a gypsy at heart and not a real gypsy.
Favorite Movies I studied film. Like the book question, there's just too much to name and not enough space. I will tell you what I stop to look at no matter how many times it comes on the TV though - Godfather part II, Romancing the Stone, The Shawshank Redemption, Spielberg's Always (because I'm a hopeless romantic), Empire of the Sun, Victor Victoria (though this one hardly gets any repeats). Anything by Bertolucci. Strictly Ballroom, just because Randall reminded me how utterly great it is. Here are two movies I own because to not own them is unthinkable - La Gloire de mon Père based on the book written by Marcel Pagnol and Amelie. I'm also a goner for any good action flicks all the artsy fartsy stuff (European flicks and French movies - which my husband generally hates, he says they have no point and take forever to go nowhere). Bollywood productions - I was forgetting to mention this. I also love anything with dance numbers and/or fantastic costuming. Anything where Milena Canonero is the costume designer I watch. That's not only because she is my namesake - well really I'm hers since she is older- but rather because the woman is a genius.
Favorite Music Music of almost any kind except Rap. I'm always playing something but, if I had only one thing to listen to, I would choose the Bach Cello Suites (the Pablo Casals recordings). It gives me everything I need no matter what the mood.
Favorite Books This one is impossible to answer. There are to many. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. There's piles of books everywhere in this house. Almost any genre will do but I especially adore biographies, fantasy, cookbooks, travel, books for children, romances, mysteries, art, fashion and design related etc. etc. etc.

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