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Gender Female
Industry Student
Location NE central, PA, United States
Introduction polisci major and yet I am not voting this year because I am not thrilled with either choice. once attempted to play hockey, which only heightened my respect for the players as I continually spent 90% of the time on my ass out there. stuck to keeping stats for the guys team at college instead. desperately miss the city. love the smell of the ice rink. thinking about law school. can't think of much else.
Interests HOCKEY, Russian history and culture, hockey, politics and international affairs. and hockey (since 1992)
Favorite Movies Slapshot, and Miracle, of course. Rocky, Swingers, Dogma, and Goodfellas. Ok, here come the embarassing ones: When Harry Met Sally, Just Friends, Big Daddy, Bring It On, (hey I cheered for nine years)
Favorite Music Dropkick Murphys, Third Eye Blind, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Coldplay, U2, Matchbox 20, The Loved Ones
Favorite Books The Catcher In The Rye, anything on Russian history, anything hockey related, From Behind The Red Line, The Assault on Reason by Al Gore, working on The Game by Ken Dryden, The Brothers Karamazov- Dostoyevzky