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Gender MALE
Location New Jersey, United States
Introduction My name is David. I'm using UNRR on this blog to separate myself from any other David that might appear. I'm in my 40s, married, have one son, and am self-employed. I was a professional student for years, have two history degrees, and almost finished a PhD in military history. I'm a lesser of two evils Republican voter. They've been the lesser evil as long as I can remember, and I expect that situation to continue. My positions are a mix of right-wing, libertarian, contrarian, and various ones which please no one in particular, except myself. Most on the left will consider me a right-winger. Many on the right see me as a RINO, or a moderate. I like to argue about all sorts of issues. I welcome CIVIL discussion on this blog from those who agree and disagree alike. If you just want to spout a bunch of talking points, and think anyone who doesn't share your assumptions is insane or evil, please go elsewhere.
Interests history, defense technology, politics, foreign policy, military affairs, western martial arts, writing, science fiction, science, atheism