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Occupation writer, construction, teacher
Location Out of the West I Wrote, Bouvet Island
Introduction I’m retired so if I’m not writing, over thinking, over playing my hand, which I do trying to get into everything I can touch, like a three year old, other times I just want to sleep all day like a dog and still other times I just want to circle like a shark looking for swimmers to play with. Sometimes I miss being out in the streets supporting all the just but hopelessly futile causes I once believed could be solved by appeals to reason and not by revolution, whatever that is. I define myself as a spiritual being because there’s really no future in just(only) believing in yourself no matter how much attention/notoriety you get. Politically, I think people like to say they believe in democracy but deep down they prefer oligarchy. I’ve been taken on some long rides and I’ve driven some too. Everything else about me can be summed up by my practical application to the fact that love, as important as it is, still doesn’t require intelligence, planning, or vengeance to survive.