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Industry Human Resources
Occupation domestic engineer
Location United States
Introduction I love my husband, children & grandchildren. They bring me more happiness & peace than I deserve. I also love all those little things in life that make me stop and wonder. Like a 2 yr old discovering an ant, or the beauty of a spider in a rose, or the vista from atop a mountain trail. Sounds corny, but it's true! I love backpacking into a place and stopping along the way to eat the berries, and identify all the wild flowers. I love sleeping in the middle of nowhere in a tent, ( with my little self-inflating mattress! ;-D) Try it sometime, guarantee you'll go back for more ~ ;-D And I love to take pictures of all the beautiful things along the way.
Interests Oh, I have a ton, name one, I have probably been interested in it at one time or another, I tend to research something, conquer it, and move on.
Favorite Movies Oh I have tons of movies I like, a few classics would be, Princess Bride, (anybody want a p-nut?), Willow, (peck!), Napolean Dynamite, ( ~GOSH~ idiot! Go make yourself a frickin quesadilla!), Better off Dead, (I want my $2....)
Favorite Music Again, TONS of favorite music, about the only kind of music I DON'T like is rap, heavy metal and, ~cryin in yer beer~ country, (Any other country is great), I have been into Piano Guys & Paul Cardall lately, I also love world fusion, and oh, all SORTS of music! ( Christmas music is good, so is Billy Holiday, and Benny Goodman, so is Enya, lol)
Favorite Books MMM.. another hard one, ~ Scriptures are a serious favorite, and I love David Brinn, & James Clavell, historical stuff, reference books, sci-fi, some fantasy, you know, all sorts. Oh wait, EXCEPT for romances, I HATE romance/ Harlequinn crap, ~ it's about the most USELESS crap ever!

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  ~President Thomas S. Monson