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Location Taiwan
Introduction E-mail:mbmore1024@gmail.com TEL:02-25583395
11:00-19:00 週一公休(Closed on Monday)
1F, No.275, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan
岩筆模是台灣首創版畫藝術的綜合平台 ,在這裡除了有版畫作品的主題展覽與販售流通之外,還有各種以版印的技術製作的手工文創商品,每一件皆是限量且獨特。除此之外,作為版畫的綜合平台,岩筆模也提供版畫的教學與推廣活動,以及台灣各個專業版畫工作室的相關訊息,邀請您一起來體驗版畫的迷人魅力。
MBmore is the first gallery-store in Taiwan for print making arts. Here we not only have gallery space for exhibitions but also provide handmade printmaking associated products; each of them is unique and limited. Furthermore, we offer course for variations of prints and information on each professional printmaking studios in Taiwan. We sincerely invite you to join us, experiencing the magic of printmaking arts. The MB in MBmore is a homonym for Taiwanese word for pencil. In painting, pencil is commonly used for sketching, and in printmaking, it is use for signing signature in the finishing process. MBmore wishes to introduce the printmaking into public and more over, bringing aesthetic sense into our daily life.
Interests 版畫 printmaking, 生活 life, 創意 creative, 藝術 arts