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Occupation stay-at-home mother
Location New Hampshire, United States
Introduction I learned a lot about cooking by watching my Italian-American mother in the kitchen when I was little. And then, as I got older, she had me in the kitchen warming up supper for our family when she was working. My mother's sisters, my lovely Aunties and Uncle, used to sit around the table, after a long Sunday dinner, nibbling on desserts, sipping their coffee, chatting and laughing with spoons clinking against plates. Most of the conversation about good food that they had eaten or made that week. Recipes and techniques were shared, verbally. Talking about food was my families way of connecting. I found out I needed to live gluten free. I have always loved to cook and eat good food, but now some of the recipes needed to change. In order to get myself organized in my newly gluten free kitchen, I decided to keep my recipes online in a blog. I still love to connect with food, friends, and family. Being gluten free will never change that.

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

They have these awesome apple peelers,maybe at Williams Sonoma? It swirls through the apple, peeling it & taking the core out at one go.