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Gender Female
Occupation photographer
Introduction Kathryn Reynolds is an accomplished commercial and fine art photographer. Reynolds was National Photography Association‘ Advertising Photographer of the Year’ for 2004. Reynolds has received other international awards including: numerous honorable mentions in the, ‘International Photography Competition and Lucie Awards’. The ‘Oscars’ for the photographic world. Reynolds work uses symbols, often in juxtaposition, to explore beauty, various archetypes, paradox, cycles of life, death, and re-birth, the journey that all mankind are travelers upon, as well as postmodern culture’s effect on mankind. Her personal quest for self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the human condition, is a driving force in her work. Her ethereal and spiritual work is likened to Joyce Tenneson, and Joel-Peter Witkin. Reynolds varied background in English literature, (Kathryn is also a published poet), her studies of various Religions and spirituality, as well as her deep knowledge of the technical craft of photography, has allowed her a greater ability to tell of deeper truths through symbolic representations in the visual media.