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Gender Male
Location Sunrise, Florida
Introduction Alright heres the low down. I was born in South Florida. Moved up to New Jersey when I was 3 and lived there till I was ten. In 2000 or so we moved back down to Florida. Lost a bunch of friends moving down here, but its been cool. Got to love that sunny south Florida weather. Yeah I am really starting to enjoy it. I've met some people I never thought I'd be chilling with. Its all good though, I don't care what anybody says about me, love me, hate me or just vibe with me. Do whatever, its all good.
Interests My interest include the NY Rangers, NY Giants, NY Mets, US National Soccer team, listening to lots of music, and hanging out with friends and family.
Favorite Movies My favorite movies, hands down, are the Star Wars ones. I ain't afraid to say that. There are a shit load of other movies I have seen too. A lot of which were REALLY good. I just ain't that much of a lazy ass to sit here and name every single one I've seen... Hot Fuzz yo, I liked that movie!
Favorite Music Alright so music is my life. Doesn't matter what it is (for the most part) I'll take a stab at it and listen to it, that is if its worth listening to. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my number 1 favorite band of all time, hands down. Heres a list of some of the music I may be listening to on any give day: Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, The Mars Volta, Phish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Ataxia, Nirvana, Sublime, The Wallflowers, Audioslave, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Dream Theater, H.I.M., In Flames, Ill Nino, Nevermore, System of a Down, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil, As I Lay Dying, Bill Withers, Blindside, Chris Cornell, Rage Against The Machines, Soundgarden, Creed, Dry Kill Logic, Enya, Foo Fighters, Gardenian, Grand Funk Railroad, Green Carnation, Hot Hot Heat, Incubus, Killswitch Engage, Marvin Gaye, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mindless Self-Indulgence, Modest Mouse, Neil Young, Oasis, Opeth, Pantera, Pearl Jam, Saliva, Shinedown, Slipknot, Soilwork, Staind, Steely Dan, Sum 41, Tenacious D, Tool, Trivium, Van Morrison, Warhead, Yellowcard, Zero 7, the Grateful Dead, the Counting Crows, My Chemical Romance, He Is Legend, Muse, Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service, The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, The Strokes, Verdena, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wilco, Les Claypool, Joe Satriani, Buckethead, The Ramones, At The Drive-In, Dispatch, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Beck, Dr Dre, Eminem, Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, some others, but yeah thats it for now.
Favorite Books I am an avid reader. Let me see if I can name a few... ...Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I-VI, The Door Into Summer, The Catcher in the Rye, Moby Dick (Yes, I enjoyed this book!), Tunnel in the Sky, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Double Star, Methuselahs Children, Revolt in 2100, Sati, The Blind Mirror, Harry Potter I-VII, Star Wars I-VI, Star Wars: Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, Star Wars: Dark rendezvous, Star Wars: Jedi Trial, Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil, Star Wars: Dark Lord - The Rise of Darth Vader, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Great Gatsby, Anthem, The Tragedy of Hamlet, The Tragedy of Othello, The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, Scar Tissue, to name a few.