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Location Central NY, United States
Introduction I'm first and foremost a mom. I have 4 wonderful bio-kids & 2 awesome "bonus" kids, all who do their best to keep me on my toes :) I live in a house, on a street, like most people do. I have a cat (who currently refuses to come out of the basement), a feisty boxer puppy (the reason I have a basement cat) and killed all my fish eons ago. Sorry. Does it help that it wasn't intentional? I love to write, even though I'm not great at it anymore. It used to be teen-aged poetry, full of angst & forlorn dreams. Now, it's just tidbits of witty (to me anyway) stories & memories on various blogs over the years. I've never stuck to one for long though. Maybe one day, one will stick. I'm an amateur photographer who hopes to one day have at least one photograph that stops the viewer in it's tracks with it's amazing-ness. Someday perhaps. I really hope to spend the next year chasing a few dreams, making a few friends, learning a few things, and most importantly, smiling every step of the way. This is my life, as I know it.