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Introduction I spent most of my life chasing empty substitutes for God! I tried to get my worth and value from being great in school, working hard at my job, from friends, BOYS/MEN! from parents, family, college and from my career! It was like there was a hole in the bottom of my cup! Everything that was great in my life would eventually not be ENOUGH and I would feel empty again! I was miserable for so long! Saved from Hell when I was only 10 years old, but I didn't really get that this saving thing wasn't just about a destination, but it was a journey until I was about 12 years old. I didn't really start walking in my Identity and completely resting in WHO I was in Christ until about 6 years ago! Walk with me through understanding that you were chosen by God before birth to WALK with Him, not to just see Him after this life, but to experience His fullness right in the middle of this life - this torn world - this world of Murphy's Law! You will find that God is the cup and He fills it to the full so that everything we do becomes an OVERFLOW of Him!
Interests I enjoy reading and studying the bible, being with my family, date nights with my husband, having coffee or a walk with girlfriends and leading others to Christ and leading believers into the truth about them in Jesus!