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Location Michigan, United States
Introduction Jen-a-Roo~I’m a 33 yr old, SWF...and I’m loving every minute of it! I have 5 cats, a great duplex that I have just recently redecorated, have been a Legal Asst for 15 years & am currently going back to college to earn a BA in Forensic Science. I have many passions (music, movies & traveling); pet peeves (the word “ain’t”, people who cancel plans & people who chew with their mouth open); obsessions (Guns n’ Roses, Twilight and California); and quirks (I require a great deal of alone time, I can’t stand it when people touch stuff in my Inbox, & am a little OCD). I have a life list & I’m very dedicated to marking items off as often as I can! Shoo Shoo ~ I am a 30-yr-old single working gal obtaining a PhD mastering life’s boulders, blunders & lessons. Inquisitive, empathetic & impatient by nature, & oftentimes her own worst enemy & her own biggest fan, she has a penchant for the color black, big cities, makeup & skin care, daydreaming (due to a slight case of undiagnosed ADD), & asking an absurd amount of questions. Blessed by the best family & friends around, she is also a journalist & HR consultant. XO~The Chicks