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Introduction Spun Star Records is more than just a music company. Originally established in 2002 by a group of talented individuals striving towards one common objective, making great music for the world to listen to, love, and admire. Working in an industry that has become so competitive, SpunStar has managed to gather the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence it takes to produce and deliver chart topping records for many many years to come. With a super star lineup excelling to master their positions day after day , the SpunStar team is sure to win. Artist/producer/song writer J-Hudson teamed up early with producer, songwriter and master engineer Vekz Madison to create an original sound that captures the audience while surpassing the industry standard. Anthony Broadway, an original member of Spun Star Records, is a master percussionist and an extremely valuable asset to the dynamic that holds the Spun Star executive branch to its utmost standards. To maintain such a growing artistic force in today's capitalist environment, and entrepenurial spirit must be present. When executive duties arise, they are dilignetly handled by co-founder and executive producer David Lopez.