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Industry Automotive
Occupation Race Car Prototype Builder, Off Road Racing, Drag racing
Location Banning, California, United States
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Introduction Nye Frank built Race Cars Fabrication, Riverside County Rod Pacheco Homicide Coverup, Frank family suffers with the Corruption of Riverside County DA and Sheriff office-The officials don't care if there is proof-they claim privacy for them and seal the case. Closed Homicide as a exceptional when 40 years age difference, Nye had 0 history of fighting and 0 history of knowing how to fight. Ty Reddish has been trained in wrestling, and Sheriff department given letters of similar events that were ignored. He admitted to using choke holds and moves on Nye Frank who was 68 years old.
Interests Racing-Fabrication, Fishing in Cabo Watch every Sport on TV His Apple farm Reading, Sports, science, history

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

What do you think of the Riverside County DA reporting victim funds paid out. But then denied the funds. What happens to the funds? Looks like the supervisors take it after 3 years calling it unclaimed funds. The source of the unclaimed funds is under Privacy ACT in Riverside County. Isn't that illega|